At Cawthorne’s we offer an ambitious curriculum  which follows the National Curriculum and gives children exciting learning opportunities in real-life situations. We have opted to use Hamilton Trust for Topic and Science work to support teacher planning.

Our curriculum is broad and balanced and has been designed to allow mixed age classes to accumulate sufficient knowledge and skills, designed to fulfill the National Curriculum whilst allowing opportunities for enhancement and broadening experiences.

The aim of our curriculum is for all children to reach their full potential, preparing them with the skills to face new challenges with confidence. Teachers are deeply aware of child’s needs and plan interventions accordingly, often same day interventions. The curriculum supports individual children and meets the needs of children with Special Educational Needs and Disabilties (SEND).

We plan to learn about the cultures of other countries as well as working with our local community and creating links to faiths in the wider community.

Children are grouped by learning needs so that each child is working at the level appropriate for them. These groups are continually monitored by teachers and as children gain confidence they will move through the groups. We are fortunate to have a stable team of well-qualified teachers, higher level teaching assistants and teaching assistants who know the children very well.

Academic standards are extremely high although we do not teach to tests. Due to our small numbers (less than 6 per cohort) results are not published as children could be identified.
For our Topic work, Science, Computing, Music and R.E. we have a Rolling Programme.